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Can ERP Fashion Software Increase Productivity?

Increasing productivity is the key to achieving faster growth and a greater market share, so it’s in all fashion business’s interest to explore ways to transform their operations and reduce needless waste.

How To Exceed Expectations In the Apparel Industry

You may be struggling to standardise, streamline, and integrate your fashion business processes across various departments, including procurement, distribution, accounts, human resources, sales, and marketing. A solution to your problems is the...

Which Software Systems Do I Need for My Fashion Business?

According to the University of Cambridge, technological innovations and creative skills coexist to foster growth and adaptation. New technical innovations give rise to many practical answers in the fashion industry. With shipping challenges,...

Does Moving To Cloud Based ERP Software Really Make A Difference?

As cloud computing continues to expand globally, many businesses have now moved their ERP operations to the cloud. The benefits of cloud-based ERP include greater efficiency, adaptability and improved customer service. For sectors like apparel,...

6 Innovative Textiles Transforming The Apparel Industry

Technical developments in sustainable textiles affect all areas of industry, and that includes apparel. Concerns over resource use, biodegradability and plastic pollution have driven many ingenious innovations, adding to traditional materials and...

Excess Clothing or Footwear Stock After Lockdown? Here’s What To Do!

Stock management can be difficult at the best of times for apparel businesses – whose product cycles are seasonal and depend on a wide range of rapidly shifting variables, including the weather and consumer demand. Too little stock and you have...

How To Create Growth Through An Industry-Specific ERP

ERP software helps you to manage your business's core operations: cash flow, raw materials and resources, as well as production processes. An effective ERP, configured and designed for your industry, can make the difference between a sluggish and...

How To Improve Your Relationship with Apparel Suppliers

Distribution and supply chains are complex to manage, especially in a dynamic industry like apparel. As such, many businesses in the fashion industry are adopting industry-specific software systems (such as STYLEman365 ERP and PLM) to remain...

Migrating To STYLEman365 From Another ERP: How To Manage Efficient Data Transfer

There are numerous reasons why businesses may wish to migrate from their current ERP platform to STYLEman365, from dissatisfaction with their existing software to a pressing need for new technologies as their organisation expands.

Colours and Sizes: Achieving Online Accuracy in Fashion Retail

In an online retail environment, consumer trust hinges on how accurately your website images represent your real-world products, especially in terms of colour, fit, and sizing. This is why it's so important as a company to make sure that the online...

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Guide To PLM For Fashion Apparel & Clothing Businesses

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