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What are the best free apparel inventory management software solutions?

Inventory management is a central part of business for clothing companies of all sizes. Without an efficient tool, keeping track and maintaining stock levels is challenging and can lead to gaps in product lines or accumulations of surplus stock. A...

4 key strategies to optimise clearance stock – and how STYLEman could shape your strategy

Timing is central to shifting clearance items at the right price, but a well-planned sale can do more than unload unwanted garments at a discount. New customers, attracted to the store in the hunt for a bargain, may also be attracted to full price...

How to expand your clothing business into new markets with STYLEman software

For most businesses, growth is a central goal, even for smaller companies who might not be seeking global domination. But expansion into new markets is not easy, even when you’re armed with a detailed business plan that’s backed up by extensive...

Guide To PLM For Fashion Apparel & Clothing Businesses

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