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Increasing productivity is the key to achieving faster growth and a greater market share, so it’s in all fashion business’s interest to explore ways to transform their operations and reduce needless waste.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software streamlines core business processes by assimilating them onto a single, easy-to-use platform. A single source of truth, in real-time, enables colleagues from all departments to access the same company data instantly, so that business decisions are based on fact rather than speculation. If you’re seeking a reliable way to boost your business’s productivity, consider an apparel ERP, such as STYLEman365.


Standardise Processes And Procedures

With an ERP, significant operational efficiencies are secured by standardising procedures across the business. Not only will this share the responsibility for driving the business’s growth across all departments, but it will also ensure consistency in approach which earns greater loyalty from customers. Automation of common processes also improves accuracy and eliminates the need for time-consuming repetition, so team members can focus on more valuable developmental tasks.


Cut Process Redundancies

Apparel and footwear businesses who operate without fashion ERP software are likely to use multiple systems that often perform similar or identical functions. This can lead to the same data being needlessly entered several times by different departments, causing data deadlock which may be littered with errors. An ERP platform solves this by creating a single source of truth and a data repository for all team members to access, without the need for onerous and repetitive data entry.


Improve Access To Real-Time Data

In unproductive organisations, business data is out of date and difficult to access, leading to extensive trails that fail to yield up-to-date information. ERP gives all colleagues instant access to real-time sales, inventory, production, and finance data from any device and location. Staff can make informed business decisions or analyse key performance indicators, while user-defined reporting means you won’t be constrained by specific report formats that fail to deliver the information you need.


Enhance The Customer Experience

Customers appreciate regular updates after purchasing from a fashion business, but the process of manually sending communications can be time-consuming. ERP software can automate engagement with customers, for example to provide updates about the status of their orders or to deliver aftersales service. Efficient customer service, which doesn’t drain your team’s productivity, will help to forge positive relationships with consumers and foster brand loyalty which will sustain your business in the most challenging market conditions.


Infuse Your Business With Efficiency

Fashion ERP software can transform the way your business operates, eliminating wasteful manual processes in favour of streamlined solutions that promote efficiency and productivity. Integration with other tools and the hosting of all core processes on a single platform means data transfer is swift and uncomplicated, giving total control to all stakeholders at every stage of the product lifecycle.


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STYLEman365 is a cutting-edge ERP system for the fashion industry and was designed specifically to address the needs of apparel and footwear manufacturers and retailers. To find out how your business’s productivity could soar with STYLEman365, get in touch to arrange your free demonstration today.


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