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Overland signs for OSL’s STYLEman V10 Web-Enabled ERP solution

  • STYLEman V10 provides ERP facilities for the global licensee of the G-Star Raw footwear Brand

Option Systems Limited (OSL) has announced that Overland – global licensee for footwear for the G-Star Raw brand – have taken the fully web-enabled...

Bollman Hat introduces STYLEman PLM to support its sourcing

  • OSL solution to be implemented in US, UK and China
  • To provide total control over company’s design and product development processes
  • Replaces existing Freeborders system

Option Systems Limited (OSL), a global specialist in the provision of IT...

Aquascutum select STYLEman ERP solution to manage legendary brand

  • Aquascutum chose STYLEman V11 for their wholesale business
  • New solution provides Aquascutum with core system to support wholesale and Retail business
  • STYLEman provides unparalleled brand management facilities

Option Systems Limited (OSL) has...

Sportax announces it has selected STYLEman ERP software suite

Option Systems, the leading provider of world-class “end 2 end” software solutions for the fashion, footwear, accessories & fast moving consumer goods industries are thrilled to announce that Sportax a UK based sports accessories company have...

Pia Rossini selects STYLEman ERP & PLM Fashion Software Suite

Option Systems, the leading provider of world-class end 2 end software solutions for the fashion, footwear, accessories & fast movingconsumer goods industries are thrilled to announce that Pia Rossini a leading UK based fashion company has...

The rise of garment manufacturing robots or 'Sewbots'

US-based firm SoftWear Automation has announced trials of a machine that can make up to 1,142 Tee Shirts in an 8 hour shift, as many as 17 human line workers.  And of course machines such as these can work 24-hours a day, do not need breaks and...

What will happen to our high streets and shopping malls?

Every week brings news of more store closures, as retailers struggle to maintain profitability of their bricks and mortar stores in the face of competition from e-commerce.   Several Department Stores including M&S, Debenhams, Mothercare,...

Geo-blocking is being outlawed in the EU - what this means for you

Geo-blocking is to be outlawed in the EU, which means that you will have to treat consumers in all 28 EU member states as local purchasers of your product, you won’t be able to discriminate based on their location.  However, you’ll be under no...

9 benefits to expect when upgrading your computer system

If you haven’t changed your computer systems recently, you’ll probably be quite surprised (and hopefully pleased) by some of the features that are considered standard these days.  Modern software has evolved to keep up with changes in hardware,...

Brexit - the first 100 days following the referendum

Three months after the vote for Brexit, there seems to be a queue of politicians and business leaders eager to point out that not a lot has changed, so what were we all worried about?

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