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When you’re considering investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for your apparel or footwear business, it’s essential to consider the features and benefits of your chosen platform carefully. These are central to your decision-making as purchasing the wrong software, such as a system that isn’t designed for the intricacies of the fashion industry, could prove to be a costly mistake. However, it can be hard to visualise exactly how the implementation of ERP will impact and improve the daily working practices of your business.

Ultimately, the end-goal of an ERP is to enhance your business by going to the very core of the way that your team works. In that respect, ERP software is unique in IT for business, as it can shape every aspect of an organisation.

So, how would your colleagues’ day-to-day roles change when you implement an ERP platform such as STYLEman? Let’s take a look.

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Responsive Customer Service

The centralisation of business data improves coordination and collaboration between departments, as well as giving all staff access to real-time information for sales, purchasing, accounting, marketing, and distribution. Armed with reliable data that is up to date – without the need to be constantly double-checking information with other departments – colleagues can provide a timely, responsive service for customers and suppliers, free from confusing information and unwanted delays. Connecting with customers becomes a rewarding experience.

Remote Working With No Barriers

Until recently, remote working has posed logistical problems for some businesses, but it’s undeniable that being able to make on-the-go decisions, for example in sales meetings with new clients, is an asset for your brand. With STYLEman ERP storing your organisation’s information in the Cloud, you can view live data from anywhere, at any time.

For colleagues, ERP makes efficient home working possible, eradicating the disconnect between teams if they aren’t always in the office together.

Serious Mistakes Become A Thing Of The Past

Businesses who rely on spreadsheets to manage their data run the risk of being derailed by even minor mistakes. A single spreadsheet error in the plans for a new NHS Scotland hospital, reported recently, led to a delay in the opening of the building and cost millions to rectify. Like all businesses, the clothing industry is not immune to tiny errors requiring costly remedies, or leading to a significant delay in bringing products to market or getting sampling completed.

ERP software automates the administrative tasks that are prone to errors and provides a way to identify mistakes without extensive searching. This frees up colleagues to focus on other tasks and, while errors can never be entirely ruled out, an ERP implements safeguards to minimise the chances of them occurring.

Transform Your Team’s Daily Work With STYLEman ERP

At Option Systems, we’ve created STYLEman ERP to meet the needs of clothing businesses. Implementing STYLEman will streamline your daily operations and free your staff from unnecessarily time-consuming tasks, so they can channel their skills into more rewarding activities. For more information about STYLEman ERP, or to arrange a free demonstration of our industry-learning software, please get in touch.




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