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The Advantages Of Using ERP For Apparel Businesses
Managing a profitable apparel business can be challenging even in normal times, let alone a year like 2020. The complex web of processes, from design to delivering products to retailers, requires an ability to take an overarching view of the entire product lifecycle while coordinating the work of numerous departments and suppliers.

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Many apparel businesses rely on outdated spreadsheet software to store and manage data; however, ensuring that spreadsheets are accurate, up-to-date, and accessible to different departments is a challenge that can often lead to duplication of work, erroneous entries and irrelevant data. ERP software can improve your ability to manage the business’s operations efficiently, by centralising data and providing greater visibility of product information, from the inception of new ideas to their delivery to retailers.

The Advantages of ERP for Apparel Businesses

Using ERP software, such as STYLEman, offers apparel businesses several important advantages:

1) Streamlined Manufacturing

Apparel businesses that attempt to manage the procurement of raw materials manually face several challenges, including calculating material requirements and arranging timely delivery to avoid tying up capital. ERP software can automate the planning and purchasing of raw materials, ensuring that the correct quantities are obtained based on demand and lead times for certain product lines, and that they arrive just-in-time for manufacturing. Surplus raw materials increase a business’s liabilities, while insufficient amounts delay the production process and lead to stockouts and missed selling opportunities. ERP software automates purchasing raw materials, ensuring that the correct quantities are obtained based on consumer demand and lead times for certain product lines.

An ERP solution can also provide real-time information about the different aspects of the manufacturing process, ensuring that these are completed on-time with the correct resourcing available. Even the small details, such as garment labels and price tags, which are crucial to conveying a strong brand, can be incorporated into the ERP platform.

2) Improved Collaboration

As a centralised system, ERP software gives departments within the apparel business the same access to critical data, eliminating the need for different solutions that fail to work synchronously.

An ERP platform makes data entry, editing, sharing, and access simple, including from remote locations, so that instant business decisions can be made, for example at sales meetings with prospective clients. Integration with modern technology ensures excellent communication and networking between departments and supply partners.

ERP software also facilitates data access for financial audits, quality control checks, and sales monitoring. Access can be carefully controlled to prevent unsolicited viewing of data. As a cloud-based system, it also offers an advantage in terms of user accessibility

3) Accurate Inventory Management

In the modern retail world, where consumers expect rapid delivery of their favourite garments through various selling channels, accurate inventory management is more critical than ever. Every product, irrespective of its size, colour, and style, needs to be available in the correct ratio. Stock shortages never reflect positively on a brand, while mountains of surplus garments pose a logistical and financial headache for managers.

ERP software provides real-time visibility of stock levels in different locations and sales channels, organised by style, colour, size, warehouse and shop. By optimising stock levels, businesses can avoid shortages or surpluses, ensuring that sufficient items are available to meet customer demand quickly.

4) Responsive Customer Service

With an ERP platform that centralises real-time data, purchasing, and sales teams will be empowered to respond quickly to customers’ and suppliers’ enquiries. In particular, this will help to maintain the integrity of the supply chain, ensuring partners collaborate more effectively, and that each player is fully informed about key issues. This allows the smooth transition of products from manufacturer to the retailer or website.

STYLEman ERP: Streamline Your Apparel Business’s Operations

At Option Systems, we’re committed to ensuring your apparel business’ operations run like clockwork, enabling your staff to focus on developing innovative new product lines to meet consumer demand. For more information on how STYLEman ERP can benefit your business, get in touch today to arrange your free product demonstration.Click Here For A FREE PDF Guide To ERP



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