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Brexit - the first 100 days following the referendum

Three months after the vote for Brexit, there seems to be a queue of politicians and business leaders eager to point out that not a lot has changed, so what were we all worried about?

An introduction to Product Lifecycle Management Software

Choosing and installing a PLM system is very different to other solutions that you may have implemented within your business.  Accounting and Warehouse Management systems are designed to fit a narrow, well-defined problem across businesses of all...

Currency cover following unexpected Brexit result

The unexpected Brexit decision led to an immediate drop in value of the Pound against other major currencies, in particular the US Dollar and Euro. For some businesses, it highlighted a vulnerability in currency exposure, for those who had only...

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

In case it slipped by unnoticed, a new piece of Data Privacy legislation came into force in May and is still likely to be implemented in the UK, regardless of our planned Brexit. Even if the UK does not ratify this or similar legislation, companies...

European Union Customs Code changes

From 1st May 2016 the Union Customs Code is being introduced. This is an attempt to simplify procedures, close a number of loopholes and tidy up the process in a harmonised way across the EU. It aims to streamline customs legislation and procedures,...

Guide To PLM For Fashion Apparel & Clothing Businesses

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