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From 1st May 2016 the Union Customs Code is being introduced. This is an attempt to simplify procedures, close a number of loopholes and tidy up the process in a harmonised way across the EU. It aims to streamline customs legislation and procedures, offer greater legal certainty and uniformity to businesses, increase clarity for customs officials throughout the EU, facilitate more efficient customs transactions, complete the shift by Customs to a paperless environment, and reinforce swifter customs procedures for compliant and trustworthy economic operators.

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Changes include:

  • All communications between customs authorities and economic operators must be electronic
  • Guarantees for most special procedures and Temporary Storage (new authorisations only)
  • Ability to make some movements under Temporary Storage
  • Removal of the earlier sales provisions relating to valuation (but transitional arrangements may apply)
  • Some procedures and reliefs will cease or change on 30 April 2016

STYLEman ERP is ready for these changes, with flexible costing formats easily modified to match your choice of paying duty on imported or processed products.  STYLEman’s multi-warehouse capability also allows easy tracking of bonded and cleared goods, as well as items in temporary storage.  Processing orders also allow the tracking of added value processes both to stock and outbound goods.

Further guidance on the UCC changes from here, to find out more, talk to Tony Parkinson or Roger Clarke on +44 (0)116 291 6666.

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