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How Can An Industry-Specific ERP Be More Valuable Than A Generic Platform

Apparel businesses are complex creatures so, when you’re ready to branch out and expand your brand, you may be confronted with a raft of challenges. From optimising your purchase of raw materials to managing large volumes of stock in different sales channels, numerous obstacles may stand in your way that affects the speed to market of new products.

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In a world in which consumers expect innovative ideas and crave record-breaking shipping times, fashion manufacturers need a business-wide solution that will streamline the entire process, from product conception to final delivery.

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of an ERP software platform. This platform creates a central repository of business data, improves collaboration between departments, and optimises the manufacturing and retail operation. If you’re searching for an ERP solution for your business, there are numerous multi-industry, off the shelf platforms available.

Apparel and footwear, however, is a niche industry, with more complexities than other markets, so an ERP platform designed to support fashion businesses, such as STYLEman ERP, is a wise choice.

Inventory Management For Apparel

Inventory management in the fashion industry can be complicated. With each garment type available in a range of sizes, colours, and styles, there are many variants to manage. Without an ERP, responding to demand for different product lines, through multiple sales channels and from different locations, can be challenging.

Generic ERP platforms are rarely designed for a vast array of garments, and many don’t allow reports to be organised by filters such as size or colour. An industry-specific ERP, such as STYLEman ERP, offers increased functionality, with a matrix displaying all available garment options, making it easier to manage inventory at every step of the product lifecycle.

Assimilated Business Functions

Each layer of an apparel business, from design and manufacture, to storage and fulfilment, operates differently. Hence, an ERP platform that is custom-built to accommodate these variances removes the need to have several different business systems. Standalone systems rarely work in conjunction with one another, whereas a single ERP will assimilate all business functions and work with your retailers’ platforms.

Option Systems: For Industry-Specific ERP

At Option Systems, our ERP platform, STYLEman, is explicitly designed for the apparel and footwear industry, offering a range of tools and features that you won’t find in a multi-purpose ERP. Rather than burdening your business with an incompatible or ineffective ERP, get in touch to request a free demonstration of STYLEman today.

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