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Why Investing In A Sector-Specific ERP Platform Is The Best Way To Streamline Your Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become the mainstay for many clothing and footwear businesses in recent years, integrating core processes in real time for enhanced visibility, interdepartmental collaboration, and customer service. Investing in an ERP platform can offer your business considerable benefits. However, it’s vital to choose a solution that is sector-specific, particularly in the apparel and footwear market, which boasts a unique set of complexities, such as an almost unending array of styles and colours of garments, as well as multiple fits and sizes.

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Broad spectrum ERP platforms will always be tempting to the cost-conscious business owner, but a solution that is tailored to the needs of the apparel industry, such as STYLEman ERP, will enable more efficient streamlining than general providers can offer. So, if you’re looking for a fool-proof way to streamline your supply chain and operations, how could an ERP platform help?

Centralised Data Improves Efficiency

With your important data and documents stored in a central location, colleagues and partners can access it whenever they need, from any device or location. By centralising your core business data, ERP eliminates needless duplication by allowing colleagues to view and modify single copies of the same document. Every file is instantly accessible, providing staff with easier access that dispenses with the time-consuming paper trails of the past.

If security of sensitive data is a concern, simply create permissions for files to control who has access. Whether you need to open access to everyone or restrict some files to certain people or teams, you can retain complete control with an ERP.

Unified Business Processes Improve Workflow

Greater productivity can be achieved when different departments within your business observe the same working practices, and an ERP can help achieve this. The problem of poor workflows often stems from different software platforms being used across the business, as documents may not be inter-compatible. Time is wasted recreating the same information in a new form, or having to seek clarification from other teams.

An ERP platform that is designed for your apparel business improves compatibility between departments, establishes clearer ground rules for different teams to ensure consistency in their approach, and aids collaboration, so the supply chain works more as a single entity than a network of isolated groups.

Automation Reduces Time-Consuming tasks

Eliminating time-consuming manual tasks is central to a more streamlined operation. ERP software makes greater automation possible, cutting your expenses, saving time, and empowering colleagues to take on more productive tasks.

A key area that an ERP supports through automation is inventory management, a challenging area for apparel businesses due to the extensive stock range and consumer demand for rapid deliveries. An effective ERP platform enables businesses to track stock levels in multiple locations in real-time, eliminating the need to manage complex spreadsheets.

An ERP also supports automation in other areas, including creating sales orders, communicating with customers, tracking receivables, and coordinating project workflows between departments.

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