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No one can doubt the benefits of a good ERP platform for the apparel and footwear industry. However, software which is past its sell-by-date is unlikely to yield the same benefits for your brand as a modern platform designed specifically to support businesses in the apparel and footwear market. Modern ERP software has evolved considerably from the earliest incarnations, no longer being limited to managing inventory or optimising the supply chain.

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Consequently, many businesses are considering whether it’s a good time to upgrade their ERP platform to take advantage of the most recent technological advances and stay abreast of the competition in challenging times for the market. As investing in a new ERP solution is an important decision, what are the signs to look for that your current platform isn’t delivering?

1) Your ERP isn’t cloud-based
Cloud-based ERP platforms offer considerable advantages over those that rely on on-site installation and storage. While the principle of centralised data is the same, storing your key data in the Cloud improves collaboration between departments when they are not based in the same office. Colleagues can access data whenever they need from any location, including during important meetings with clients, so that real-time business decisions can be made from the available information.

Security is also a key concern for many apparel businesses, so a Cloud-based ERP can protect valuable business data from accidental loss, should the unthinkable happen. With STYLEman 365, the platform can be installed either on local servers or in the Cloud, offering maximum flexibility for apparel businesses looking to upgrade their software.

2) Your ERP doesn’t integrate with other applications
One of the main aims of an ERP platform is to improve visibility and integration between departments, but this cannot be achieved if your existing ERP doesn’t integrate smoothly with other business systems, such as your web shop.

Poor integration can result in data being replicated unnecessarily or exceptions occurring between data types. By upgrading your ERP to a compatible platform, you can eliminate these problems, improve workflow, and streamline your operations by stripping out time-consuming duplication of tasks.

3) Your ERP lacks the tools to achieve your business goals
Time rarely stands still in technology, so businesses in the fashion industry need to stay ahead of the game if they are to put themselves ahead of the competition. If it’s been several years since you invested in an ERP, the boundaries of what is technically possible will have shifted considerably, while your goals may have also accelerated. If your assessment of your ERP platform’s capability recognises that it can no longer help you to meet your goals, it’s probably time to upgrade.

Doggedly sticking with your existing ERP denies you access to the latest features and tools that your business needs. With a market-leading, cloud-based platform like STYLEman, regular updates ensure that the latest features are at your disposal, backed by our ‘train the trainer’ commitment to help your team stay at the forefront of ERP technology.

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The world has changed considerably in the last 12 months, with the need to support out of office working having reached an all-time high. This is the one of the main benefits of STYLEman 365. The bottom line is that businesses that stick with their current ERP platforms may struggle to optimise their workflows, streamline their business processes, and deliver the service that consumers expect.

At Option Systems, our expert knowledge of the fashion industry is the driving force behind our leading ERP platform for apparel and footwear businesses, STYLEman. If you’re looking to upgrade your ERP to a solution that understands the needs of your business, get in touch to arrange a free demonstration of STYLEman 365.


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