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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform is arguably the most crucial piece of business software you can invest in. For fashion businesses with diverse supply chains and production schedules, an ERP offers unparalleled insight and control over every aspect of business operations. An efficient ERP provides real-time oversight of data as it flows into the company, giving business leaders the opportunity to make precise, accurate demand projections.

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While having the right ERP can improve efficiency, productivity, and flexibility, many commercial ERP platforms are simply not designed for the needs of the clothing sector. Trying to use a generic ERP to run your fashion business can quickly become extremely complex – leading many users to revert to spreadsheets and paper calculations to keep track of the business – a backwards step and a complete waste of money.

As our flagship software product, STYLEman ERP is available in either a locally-hosted or cloud based variant. It is designed to work on its own or alongside our other STYLEman products – such as STYLEman PLM – in a modular framework that responds to the needs of your business. STYLEman ERP is also now available as part of our STYLEman 365 suite – a fully cloud based platform that includes a supplier portal, remote collaboration tools, and a virtual B2B marketplace.

Here’s a quick overview of the features and benefits:

Complete Control

With so much variation within individual product lines and collections, a traditional ERP can be both unwieldy and bewildering. This is where STYLEman ERP is different. The interface is designed with complete usability in mind, from its clearly colour coded data sets to its comprehensive walk through of what the data really means. Products that may be available in dozens of size, colour, and style variations can be managed from a single entry, rather than having to be assigned separate entries for each version.

At the click of a button, information can be translated into accessible graph formats, and can be effortlessly exported and shared. What this means for users is clear control and visibility over your product lines, in whatever format works best for your company.

Seeing Clearly

Armed with this information, companies can set their KPIs, project milestones, and delivery targets with confidence. With STYLEman ERP, these personalised KPIs can be meticulously monitored, alerting companies to problems long before they loom on the horizon. The process also flags opportunities, enabling organisations to jump into the many exciting possibilities that so often bubble away – unnoticed – beneath the surface of data overload. A good ERP acts as the ultimate information distillation unit, consolidating and making sense of diverse data streams.

Working From Anywhere

STYLEman 365 extends the proven STYLEman ERP software and takes its collaborative potential one step further. By lifting all resource planning, supply chain management, marketing and sales process into the Cloud, organisations can operate and co-operate from anywhere, anytime.

This enables a rapid response to changing consumer demands, outside influences, fluctuations in source availability, and market opportunities. It also means that remote working becomes faster, safer, and more connected, with features such as integrated Instant Messaging, the need for video chat and email is reduced, whilst ensuring that comments are then retained internally within the ERP application. Another added feature that enables this rapid response to the consumer is feedback through the B2B portal, and supplier comments via the B2S portal.

What Next?

To help you discover the benefits of STYLEman ERP for yourself (either on its own or within STYLEman 365) we’re offering a free product demo, with all the features of the full system, and using live data from your business. Click here to book your demo today.

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