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A digital ERP solution allows for comprehensive monitoring and management of processes and procedures in many industries, including apparel. Costs, orders, logistical shipments, customer profiles, KPI & SMART targets, and general trends can all be tracked and handled within a dedicated ERP suite. Data is typically presented by the software on each item, location, and sales ledger as a detailed, dashboard overview.

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Many modern (post-2010) ERP suites include cloud capabilities as standard. Cloud access allows users to remotely access the ERP system or dashboard, meaning that they can work from any location in the world with a safe Internet connection.

Who Uses ERP Solutions?

ERP Solutions are used in small, medium, and large businesses dealing with complicated production lines and supply chains. ERP packages and bespoke software solutions both allow 'at-a-glance' overviews and remote management of many different aspects of the company through a single dashboard. Many different users can use the software and contribute at once. This is thanks to the advanced networking capabilities (such as internal messaging and shared databases) ERP software allows for.

ERP software is an ideal management tool for the apparel industry. Apparel outlets have to organise purchase, distribution, and manufacturing of clothing, accessories, and footwear across hundreds of different brands, often sourced from multiple factories and warehouses. ERP platforms create a central hub for the entire business, delivering complicated orders and micromanaging processing in real-time as the data rolls in.

About Option Systems Ltd.

Option Systems are UK-based, specialist providers of ERP software to the fashion and apparel industry. Our flagship ERP suite, STYLEman, handles shipping, supplying, and orders for dozens of fashion companies worldwide. STYLEman comes with product lifecycle, business analytics, and customisable modules to suit every requirement.

Call, email, or visit our Styleman website today to find out more about what Option Systems could add to the digital side of your apparel business.


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