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Today's consumers are socially and environmentally conscious, so it's crucial for apparel companies to take corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability seriously. Using the latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will allow you to monitor your operations more effectively, and ensure that you're working in a responsible, sustainable, and compliant way. Let's examine how using this type of technology – especially an industry specific platform like STYLEman ERP – could boost your brand's credentials.

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1) You'll Enjoy Greater Visibility

High-quality ERP systems enable businesses to manage everything from their raw material usage to their sales ledger functions in one place. Therefore, when you use one, you'll be able to access information about your company's procurement, manufacturing, sales, and human resources processes, as well as key financial and performance-related data, with ease.

This lets you spot bottlenecks and sources of excessive waste. You'll then be able to optimise your processes and supply chain, so that you're operating in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.

2) You'll Be Able To Adapt Your Strategy And Processes More Rapidly

Using ERP software empowers you to respond to industry, regulatory, and supply and demand changes promptly and effectively. For example, you may be able to reduce the amount of warehoused stock and use your space more efficiently. You may also be able to minimise your transportation costs. This will reduce the size of your firm's carbon footprint and increase its financial stability.

You'll also find it simpler to analyse and alter your HR procedures and employment contracts. That means you can respond to changes in employment law in a timely manner. Treating your employees well will always add to your company's appeal.

3) Transparency Will Be Simpler To Achieve

Your clients and other stakeholders want to know that your business is both ethical and compliant. What's more, they'll want reassurance that every business in your supply chain is behaving in the same way. When you use ERP software, you'll be able to track information about your processes and suppliers more effectively. This will make it easier for you to produce accurate reports and be transparent about your operations.

Next Steps

STYLEman allows you to track and report on your organically produced materials/products and/or sustainably sourced materials. You can also track when the next supplier ethical trading audit is required and maintain the details of the subsequent report. It also enables tracking of the journeys made and the mode of transport, allowing identification of the percentage of journeys made by air as opposed to road, rail or sea.

All in all, using state-of-the art ERP software, such as STYLEman, will enable you to boost your firm's sustainability and CSR credentials - and could ultimately result in more sales. To learn more about how using our STYLEman ERP solution could help you to improve your company's image, get in touch with us today.


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