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Many manufacturing companies are investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, persuaded by the promise of streamlined operations, better access to real-time business data, and improved accuracy, reporting, and visibility. While few managers relish investing in IT, ERP software is so well-established and enjoys such a positive reputation that implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning platform is almost certain to provide a positive return.

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There are many well-established general ERP solutions on the market, so why should you invest in STYLEman365 for your fashion business?


1) STYLEman365 Is Designed Specifically For The Fashion Industry

Many ERP solutions are generic, being pitched at different types of manufacturing companies. Few, however, are true industry-specific apparel ERPs. STYLEman365 is the fifth generation of the highly-regarded STYLEman ERP, a platform that was designed to accommodate the unique needs of the fashion industry, making it one of the most versatile and innovative products on the market.


At Option Systems, we recognise that the apparel and footwear fashion range is unique, with a complicated range of colours and sizes for each individual product line. Therefore, our fashion ERP software utilises a matrix for every style so that all related SKUs can be viewed together. Also, product innovations and updates will be more relevant to your business than those other ERPs offer.


2) Enjoy Improved Visibility

The fashion industry is fast-moving and liable to change suddenly, for example in response to weather variations or social media campaigns. Understanding every element of your brand, therefore, is critical when making crucial business decisions.


With STYLEman365 ERP fashion software, you can obtain instant visibility of every department in your business, for example to view inventory levels in warehouses as well as future consignments and in-transit stock – enabling you to control your capital more incisively. Complete visibility of your business data supports more coherent workflows and improves interdepartmental collaboration.


3) Better Reporting and Planning

A major advantage of STYLEman365 is better insight over your business. Instead of multiple versions of the same information, an ERP for the fashion industry will create a single source of truth, so that everyone in your team has instant access to real-time business data. Reports and analytics can be generated whenever required, so departmental performance can be analysed without the complications of multiple spreadsheets and other documents.


4) Improved Supply Chain Management and Customer Service

Today’s fashion consumers have high expectations, so prompt delivery of the styles they desire is key to securing long-term brand loyalty. Effective management of the supply chain is critical, as bottlenecks will mean stockout situations and frustrating delays in delivery times, while overstocking is an expensive burden that consumes warehouse space.


STYLEman365 can make your supply chain more responsive, through better demand forecasting, inventory management, and procurement. Product innovations – important in the fast-moving fashion industry – are more viable, putting your brand at the head of the field.


5) Efficiencies Cut Costs

Because of improved efficiency, ERP software can optimise the work of your team. Consequently, operational and administrative costs can be, on average, reduced by 23% and 22% respectively, promising some considerable long-term savings for your business. With manual processes eliminated, staff can focus on more value-driven tasks that help to secure new sales and grow the business.


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