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If you work in business planning, forecasting, acquisitions, or development in the apparel sector, you're going to need an efficient way to marshal all the complex plans and operations that underpin clothing supply chains. Industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides a suite of specialised software tools to let you do just that. ERP implementation lets you build collaborative projects and plans across finance, HR, and product development. They can be installed on local networks or cloud servers to take advantage of a 'work anywhere' setup.

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How An ERP Works

Once your system is up and running, ERP software lets you monitor incoming performance data, analytics, and KPI indicators. Streamlining adjustments, rapid turnaround, and supply chain optimisation are all part and parcel of what an ERP does day-to-day. Users can directly micromanage individual supply chains, or automate manual and repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and free up resources.

Generic Or Industry-Specific ERP?

There are plenty of ERP solutions designed for general applicability to any sector – at least in theory. What makes an ERP platform industry-specific is the way it is designed to meet the challenges and business model of a particular sector, such as the apparel and footwear sectors in the case of STYLEman ERP. This avoids the need to over-customise the ERP software, and provides a more relevant, focused, and efficient working framework for essential business processes.

You can usually adapt a standard business ERP to approximate what you need it to do. However, standard-issue software will often struggle to deal with catalogues, product lines, customer concerns, regulations, and database lines that don't fit standard forms and models. If you're dealing with diverse and flexible manufacturing chains, these problems will only intensify further. By purchasing an ERP platform built for your industry, your business, and your products, you'll get a far better depth of focus and quality of result from your chosen management software.

Why Is Styleman ERP The First Choice For Fashion Buyers And Suppliers?

STYLEman is an industry-specific ERP built exclusively for the footwear and apparel sector. With an intuitive visual interface, searchable databases, and supply-chain planning features, alongside complete sales processing, customer care, and analytics capabilities, STYLEman can be tailored to exactly what you need. Get in touch today to find out more.


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