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How To Move Your Staff To ERP Training Online

Just as one nationwide lockdown ‘ends’, so another begins, with employees directed to work from home where possible. Remote working has posed many challenges for businesses: if you were planning on upskilling your team in the use of your ERP platform, you may be wondering how you can deliver effective training without your colleagues being allowed on-site.

Click Here For A FREE PDF Guide To ERPFortunately, modern technology makes distance learning possible. Rather than putting off your ERP training to an unknown future date, it makes sense to move your training online so that your team is ready the moment the restrictions are lifted. To give your training the best chance of success, follow these fool proof tips for effective remote learning:

Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Discussion

Although we live in a world ruled by technology, it’s surprising how many people find online face-to-face communication difficult. Training via an online platform, without the natural human interaction of the workplace, risks the virtual equivalent of ‘chalk and talk’, with detached trainees and poor assimilation of information.

Some trainers like questions to be posed in a chat box so they can address these at the end of the session. However, context is important to develop understanding, so establish ground rules that allow participants to pose questions during each session. This will help to break up the session, increasing interest and boosting participation, as well as enabling your team to fully understand how the ERP platform will support the business.

Keep Each Session Short And Focused

Short, focused learning has long been known to be more effective in schools, and adult training is no different. By limiting each training session to a two-hour duration, you can be assured of greater concentration, interaction, and participation from your audience.

Because your ERP platform is central to improving your business’s efficiency, it is vital that your staff retain the information delivered during online training and understand how it impacts their daily activity. Focusing on the most influential tools of the ERP platform, such as accurate analysis of metrics or trend graphs, will ensure your colleagues develop the skills to manage your apparel business in real-time and make informed strategic decisions.

Upskill The Trainer

When it comes to planning your ERP training, you have two options: pay an ERP software provider to deliver the remote training on your behalf, or entrust the responsibility to one of your senior colleagues.

The ideal solution is to work with a software supplier, who is dedicated to the industry, who can train selected members of your team to a high enough standard that, should an issue arise, the designated person will be well versed enough in the ERP system to tackle the problem and often resolve it themselves quickly and easily. Only when the problem is unfamiliar will they need to defer back to the original software supplier.

Be Bold And Go With The Flow!

Of course, technology is far from perfect, especially when millions of employees and students are accessing the Internet simultaneously! If the unexpected happens, take it on the chin and wait patiently for the problem to resolve. It’s always useful to have a paper and pencil exercise on standby that your team can complete in the meantime, such as consolidating their learning so far.

Need Expert Assistance To Plan You Training? Contact Option Systems

At Option Systems, we deliver outstanding training that meets the specific needs of your business. We offer a ‘train the trainer’ approach, so your team’s professional development is in the safe hands of someone who understands your business, backed by experts who know how our ERP can benefit the fashion industry.

Don’t let lockdown put the brakes on your colleagues’ ERP training! Get in touch with us today and find out how we can support your online training.

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